Prof. arch. Angelo Villa
Dott. arch. Ermes martinelli
The Studio SdA-Milano has been formed in 1995 by Angelo Villa in partnership with Ermes martinerlli.

In continuity with Angelo Villa’s professional activity in the period 1980-1995, the Studio SdA work in the field of architectural design: social housing settlements, urban equipments (Fair Quarters, Schools, Hotels) and projects in which the architectural quality is not separate from the technical complexity: transport facilities and underground stations, territorial tecnological equipments like dams and hydraulic basins, etc.

Just from the begenning of each project, the Studio SdA’s design activity is related with consulting engineers for structures, environment and energetic resources.

The project is inteso as significant transformation of the urban or natural landscape, between historic-cultural identity and technical-experimental innovation: functional layout, building systems, devices for energetic saving.

These elements characterizes the Studio SdA’s design activity in a strong connection with the Angelo Villa’s activity as professor in the Faculty of Architecture at the University IUAV in Venice.

The Studio SdA’s activity is testified by many pubblications of the projects in architectural magazines and by recognitions achieved in international design competitions.

From 2010 by the Studio SdA works in the projects promoted by the Russian Federal Republic for the development of areas with a high quality of landscape in Northern Caucaso.

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